Is technology the panacea? 


Probably not, but it is the driver that enables new products and services to serve our customers in potentially exciting ways.


Carl Selinger can help your organization better understand new technologies that may help make significant improvements and revenue increase in aviation and transportation businesses.  As New Business Development Manger for The Port Authority of NY & NJ, Carl championed the introduction of such new technologies as Internet kiosks, prepaid phonecards, pre-conditioned air systems, and interactive payphones at the New York/New Jersey airport system, one of the largest airport systems in the world.


Embracing technology, and integrating new technologies into your organization and businesses, involves gaining an understanding of the technology, how it will actually benefit your current and future customers, determining the process for bringing it on board, and making your staff feel more comfortable with new things. 


It can be done; ask Carl to help.

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