There are no “good” ideas or “bad” ideas – only ideas. 


Ideas that have the potential to unlock great new and exciting business and personal opportunities.


But we all have to overcome the fear of rejection in even suggesting new ideas, and nurture the “What if …” questions to get KidPort at Boston Logan Aiportnew ways of thinking out into the open where some can prosper and succeed.  A bit like panning for gold – the trick is sifting to find the gold.


"Functional art" bench at SEA-TACCarl Selinger can help you or your organization develop new ideas – like a kidport (at right) or integrating fine art (at left) in your airport.  Ideas that improve service to your customers and provide new revenue opportunities.  Ideas like these can be nurtured and honed into successful initiatives for your business or personal success.  Carl’s personal motto has been “Ideas are always welcomed!”.  The former Director of Aviation at the Port Authority called Carl “Mr. Ideas”.


Carl can help you with processes like Synectics or focus groups, and use techniques employed by venture capitalists to evaluate new businesses, and unlock the innate creativity of all of your people.  Let Carl help you and your staff identify new ways to deal with the real world. 


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