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Carl Selinger Services will help airports and aviation-related organizations develop business strategy, evaluate and apply new technology, and identify and implement creative solutions in order to improve travel and increase customer satisfaction and revenues.  Carl’s current projects include: deploying interactive PowerPhone pay telephones in US airports; working with airlines and terminal managers to install wireless communications services; helping Reach Communications, a technology company, apply computer and IT services at US airports; introducing the "virtual airport" concept to US airports; developing branded childrens' play areas for major hub airports; developing a third-party concession model for integrating fine art in US airport terminals; teaching a graduate-level course on aviation; and helping airports implement ITS solutions, airport advertising and other business technologies.


Carl’s varied background, including a thirty-year career at The Port Authority of NY & NJ, embraces strategic planning, new business development, airport access, concessions and applying new technology.  He is an Associate Member of ACI North America, where he has been elected to the Steering Group of the Business Information Technologies Committee.  Carl combines technical skills, business acumen and customer service know-how, and has worked with all parts of the aviation community: the traveling public, airports, airlines, the FAA, contractors, concessionaires, and the elected and general public constituencies.  Carl can speak everyone's language, and help you do so as well.


Carl helps clients generate fresh creative ideas, get informed critiques of current or proposed programs, hear objective feedback from facility walk-throughs, better understand their customers’ needs and wants, identify and address critical issues, run difficult internal/external meetings, and lead professional development programs to improve the performance and job satisfaction of key staff and teams.


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