July 2011

IEEE Spectrum Careers articles by Carl Selinger, Contributing Editor

The articles below appeared in IEEE Spectrum magazine, and are listed most recent first.  The earliest articles covered themes in Stuff You Don’t Learn in Engineering School: Skills for Success in the Real World (Wiley-IEEE Press, 2004). This list below is on Carl’s website for easier hyperlink retrieval: http://www.carlselinger.com/IEEE%20Spectrum%20Careers%20articles.htm.  If the link is not there or is not live, go to the Spectrum archive at: http://www.spectrum.ieee.org/static/magazine/.  Contact Carl at selinger99@aol.com if any problems.

The Courtesy Meeting, 2/11.  Don’t let yourself be ambushed at an “unimportant” meeting.  http://spectrum.ieee.org/at-work/tech-careers/the-courtesy-meeting

Holiday Party Showdown, 12/10. Confrontation isn’t a problem; it’s a choice.  http://spectrum.ieee.org/at-work/tech-careers/holiday-party-showdown

The Machiavellian Engineer. 6/10.  Sometimes it takes more than technical prowess to get the job done.  http://spectrum.ieee.org/at-work/tech-careers/the-machiavellian-engineer

Dealing with Trade-offs, 2/10.  Engineering is done in black and white; managing, in shades of gray. http://spectrum.ieee.org/at-work/tech-careers/dealing-with-tradeoffs

Managers are from Mars and engineers are from Jupiter, 1/10.  What do managers want?  http://spectrum.ieee.org/at-work/tech-careers/managers-are-from-mars-and-engineers-are-from-jupiter

Getting and Giving Recognition at Work. 7/09.  The job isn’t done until everyone gets the credit they deserve.  http://spectrum.ieee.org/at-work/tech-careers/getting-and-giving-recognition-at-work

Saying “no”.  You can’t do it all, so think about when—and how—to not say “yes.” 3/09. http://spectrum.ieee.org/at-work/tech-careers/saying-no

Get a grip!  New Year’s Resolutions.  1/09.  http://spectrum.ieee.org/at-work/tech-careers/get-a-grip

Dealing with Difficult People.  12/08.  http://spectrum.ieee.org/telecom/security/dealing-with-difficult-people

Humor Dos & Don’ts.  10/08.  http://www.spectrum.ieee.org/at-work/tech-careers/humor-dos-and-donts

Your Mentor and You.  7/08.   http://www.spectrum.ieee.org/at-work/tech-careers/your-mentor-and-you

How to Talk Like a Salesman.  6/08.   http://www.spectrum.ieee.org/biomedical/ethics/how-to-talk-like-a-salesman

Office Politics.  5/08.   http://www.spectrum.ieee.org/computing/it/survivor-the-office

Travel Tips.  2/08.  http://www.spectrum.ieee.org/at-work/tech-careers/travel-tips

Dealing with the Media.  8/07.  http://spectrum.ieee.org/at-work/tech-careers/dealing-with-the-media

Workaholism.  6/07.   http://spectrum.ieee.org/at-work/tech-careers/workaholism

Becoming Your Own Boss.  4/07.  http://spectrum.ieee.org/at-work/tech-careers/becoming-your-own-boss

Who Dares, Wins: How to act boldly but not foolishly.  12/06.  http://spectrum.ieee.org/at-work/tech-careers/who-dares-wins

Gilding Your Golden Years.  8/06.  http://spectrum.ieee.org/at-work/tech-careers/gilding-your-golden-years

Making Committees Work.  6/06.   http://spectrum.ieee.org/at-work/tech-careers/making-committees-work

Learning Where the Jobs Are: Managing Your Career.  2/06.  http://spectrum.ieee.org/at-work/tech-careers/learning-where-the-jobs-are

Recovering from Mistakes.  12/05.  http://spectrum.ieee.org/at-work/tech-careers/recovering-from-mistakes

The Art of Delegating: Assigning tasks to others is a key managerial skill.  8/05.  http://spectrum.ieee.org/at-work/tech-careers/the-art-of-delegating

Strategic Planning on the Job: Charting your career allows you to make the most of whatever opportunities arise.  6/05 web-only

Marketing Yourself: How to make sure that your boss, your clients, and others know who you are and what you can do.  4/05. 

From War to Peace: Resolving conflict – Dealing with Disagreement.  3/05.  http://spectrum.ieee.org/at-work/tech-careers/from-war-to-peace

Drowning in Data: How to deal with information overload and stay abreast of your field.  1/05 web-only

Take Action -- Now!: How to stop stalling and get on with the rest of your career.  10/04

Learning to Lead: To be a better leader, develop your ‘soft’ skills and take on new responsibilities.  9/04

The Creative Engineers: What can you do to spark new ideas?  8/04. http://spectrum.ieee.org/geek-life/profiles/the-creative-engineer

Pass the Stress Test: How to make your work life less stressful and more fun.  7/04

Becoming a ‘People’ Person.  6/04

Ethics on the Job.  5/04

Negotiate This!  4/04

We Have to Stop Meeting Like This!  3/04 

How Am I Doing?  2/04

Anatomy of the Office.  1/04.  http://spectrum.ieee.org/at-work/tech-careers/anatomy-of-the-office

Decisions, Decisions.  11/03

Stuff You Don't Learn in Engineering School9/03 

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